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Who are your neighbors?  What are their customs?  What do they eat?  Unlike most neighborhoods, these questions do not have simple answers in Rogers Park.  In a community that speaks 81 languages and is 35% foreign born, our neighbors have vast cultural knowledge to share.  Join Rogers Park Food Co-op for Our Neighbors’ Kitchens, a journey through the neighborhood to experience the world on a plate.

But we can't make the next stop on this journey without your help!  Do you have connections to a community organization in Rogers Park?  A religious institution?  A school?  A workplace?  A restaurant or shop?  Another co-op?  We would love to work with you to present a free event centered on food and culture that is tailored to your group and open to the community.  We want to share what we do with you and share what you do with the co-op community as we bring our neighbors together over food and good fellowship.

Our first event was a partnership with Loyola University and featured Michelin Star Chef Iliana Regan talking about sustainable cuisine.  In addition, Loyola University Dietetic Interns gave fascinating presentations on the science of taste and on mindful eating.  Over 75 of our neighbors came and enjoyed both the discussion and a taste of food from around the world.


If you are interested in an event partnership of this type, please contact the chair of our Events Committee, Lisa Gordon.  We will work together to envision an event that is just right for your group or community, and then make it happen.

This series is our gift to the community. In a political climate of division, Our Neighbors’ Kitchens seeks to bring us together. Food is a universal language, an easy and accessible way to share our experiences and knowledge. Contact Lisa Gordon today to discuss the next installment of Our Neighbors' Kitchens.

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