Benefits of Ownership

Owner benefits

  • Monthly member-only specialsNewOwner1.jpg
  • Discounts on special-order case purchases
  • Patronage dividends during profitable years, as determined by the Board of Directors
  • The satisfaction of supporting a local business dedicated to improving year-round access to good food and to enhancing our community’s quality of life by keeping more money in the community
  • The right to vote for the Board of Directors as well as to run for a seat on the board
  • Our co-op email newsletter
  • Reciprocity with many other community co-ops

Owner rights

  1. Voting in the affairs of the Cooperative. One owner = one vote.
  2. Serving on the Board if nominated and elected.
  3. Receiving patronage dividends, if issued.

Owner responsibilities

  1. Shopping at the Co-op’s store at least once every 12 months (after the Co-op has opened a store).
  2. Notifying the Co-op of current contact information, here.
  3. Attending and voting at owner meetings or sending a written proxy vote when unable to attend.

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