Serve on the Board of Directors

The Rogers Park Food Co-op is governed by an Owner elected Board of Directors.

The Owners of the Rogers Park Food Co-op meet together annually to elect a nine member Board of Directors. The Board serves as the governing body for the Co-op by representing the ownership at large in setting strategic policies to further the co-operative mission and vision.

All Owners are eligible to run for a seat on The Board. Those elected to serve, serve terms for one to three years dependent on the number of votes each individual candidate has received.

Although there are many ways in which individuals may be involved with the RPFC through volunteering, committees, or special assignment, serving on The Board is the highest level of commitment an owner may make to The Co-op. The Board of Directors not only has an ethical duty to represent the owners in the best of their capacity, but The Board has a legal fiduciary duty to do so.

Owners interested in learning more and running for an elected seat on the board may read the Board of Director Candidate Information Packet and accompanying Timeline. Completed applications may be emailed to

We invite all owners and community members to read these documents and consider on serving on this grassroots community owned business.

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