Patrick Scanlan 2017

Candidate Questionnaire


Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for the RPFC?

I would like to contribute to the development of my neighborhood so that I might believe it a better place than it was.  I also believe that as a former manager in the grocery industry, and having helped open the Trader Joes in Evanston, that my experiences will be valuable to RPFC.

What is your passion? How could we see that passion in action in your day-to-day life?

I am passionate about food.  I like to grow, cook, and eat it.  I am passionate about my
family and strengthening the already wonderful relationship I’ve built with them.  I
patiently endor to better understand who I am and how to continue bettering myself.  I am passionate about my world class city, and would like to improve it.  This list would go on for some time.  Concisely put, life is my passion.

List some of the organizations, causes, initiatives, and groups of which you have been a part. How do you believe you involvement with these groups have prepared you to serve on the RPFC Board of Directors?

SGA: Student Government Association at Oakton Community College
-Better understand how a governing body works

Trader Joe's: Many years experience in grocery retail
-Management experience, hep merchandise a new store and train 50+ crewmembers for good opening.

Describe an experience in which you worked on a team.

I was the group leader for my final project in Biology last semester.  I had some helpful tips and motivational words for the team . I also made sure to check in on progress periodically to convey a sense of urgency.  I compromised on how we choose to divide the workload.  The way I wanted to dit would have meant more work in the short term but better preparedness for the final exam.  We went for the easy option.

Briefly describe two or three possible ways you could handle the following situation. How you would ultimately act?

You've recently been elected to the RPFC Board. A close friend and local food producer privately asks you to help her business by having the Board publicly denounce the alleged unethical business practices of her closest competitor, whose products are already sold at RPFC. The business owner says she will deeply discount RPFC orders for her product for a year if you help her.

I would tell her that as an RPFC board member, I would be concerned about any one of our vendors conducting themselves in an unethical way, and remind her that she just did as well. Depending on several circumstances, I would possibly look into the allegation further, but would strongly consider making her bribe public in any further official discussions on the matter.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Do you have any other experiences that you see as being related to the work of the Board?




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