Election 2017


The Rogers Park Food Co-op is served by a volunteer Board of Directors (the Board). The Board has up to nine seats, including a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and up to five directors. The term-of-service for Board members ranges from 1-3 years.  Board terms are determined by shareholder/owner vote. Each board chair rotation is staggered to avoid seating a completely new Board at and any one time.

Board elections are held annually. Because this is the second election of the RPFC, the number of votes a candidate receives will determine the length of the first term in the following manner:

  • The three candidates with the most votes will serve an initial term of three years.
  • Two candidates will serve an initial term of one year.

In subsequent elections, seats that are up for re-election will be elected to three year terms.

Candidate Info


You may vote for up to 3 candidates. You may only submit one vote per household. Please be sure your ballot is correct before clicking the "submit" button.

Though your e-mail address will be used to verify eligibility, votes will be tallied by a third party and will not be visible to candidates.

The ballot will be available from February 24th until March 17th.

Results will be announced at the Annual Owners Brunch, March 25


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