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    Serve on the Board of Directors

    The Rogers Park Food Co-op is governed by an Owner elected Board of Directors.

    The Owners of the Rogers Park Food Co-op meet together annually to elect a nine member Board of Directors. The Board serves as the governing body for the Co-op by representing the ownership at large in setting strategic policies to further the co-operative mission and vision.

    All Owners are eligible to run for a seat on The Board. Those elected to serve, serve terms for one to three years dependent on the number of votes each individual candidate has received.

    Although there are many ways in which individuals may be involved with the RPFC through volunteering, committees, or special assignment, serving on The Board is the highest level of commitment an owner may make to The Co-op. The Board of Directors not only has an ethical duty to represent the owners in the best of their capacity, but The Board has a legal fiduciary duty to do so.

    Owners interested in learning more and running for an elected seat on the board may read the Board of Director Candidate Information Packet and accompanying Timeline. Completed applications may be emailed to

    We invite all owners and community members to read these documents and consider on serving on this grassroots community owned business.

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    $250 is an equity purchase, so every owner needs to pay an equal share. However, we are working to develop a scholarship fund to help low-income households become owners. In the meanwhile, we offer payment plans starting at $25/month.

    -Adam Schwartz


    Rogers Park Food Co-op

    Contact Us

    Thanks for taking the time to ask us your questions or tell us what you think!


    Please leave comments below. For specific questions, please send an email to You can also message us on our Facebook Business Page for quickest response.  


    You can also reach us by mail at:

    Rogers Park Food Co-op
    P.O. Box 268012
    Chicago, IL 60626-8012

    Contact Us

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    Become an Owner

    The most important thing that anyone can do to support a co-op is join by becoming an owner.

    Why become an owner?

    The mission of the Rogers Park Food Co-op is to strengthen our diverse community through inclusive economic growth, ethical food production, and programs centered on food and social justice.

    The co-op is currently working to reach our goal of 400 owners so that we can begin the site selection process for our grocery store. Becoming an owner in the Rogers Park Food Co-op costs $250 for a lifetime, household ownership share. There is no annual fee. We accept monthly payments of $25 or $50. Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

    We have also recently added the option to pay in $10 monthly installments but ask that you only make this choice when you would otherwise be unable to join.

    If you'd like to pay by check, please fill out the form at:

    Please mail checks to:

    Rogers Park Food Coop
    P.O. Box 268012
    Chicago, IL 60626-8012

    An ownership share is $250. You may elect to purchase up to $500 in shares. Please note that additional shares do not grant any additional votes or privileges. For more information, please see our bylawsWe also accept monthly payments of $10, $25, or $50. The Rogers Park Food Co-op does not charge any processing fees, nor is there a fee for installment payments.

    If you have any questions about payments or invoicing, please email

    It is your responsibility to provide Rogers Park Food Co-op with a current mailing address should the above information change.

    As with any investment, your ownership share is subject to risk. If the co-op is unsuccessful, the Board of Directors will determine distribution of remaining assets. Every effort will be made to refund the paid portion of your owner equity share.


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    Gift Ownership

    Gift Bow

    Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Shopping for someone who doesn't want more “stuff”? Why not give the gift of better food choice for the community by making them an owner of the Rogers Park Food Co-op?

    Owner Letter

    A gift ownership of the Rogers Park Food Co-op is the perfect holiday gift for the person in your life who wants to make a positive impact on his or her community.

    When you purchase a gift ownership, you will receive a handsome “Ownership Notice” inside an elegant presentation envelope. Ready for gifting; just add a festive bow!

    After you purchase your gift ownership, we will send you an email requesting your name and phone number, as well as the address to which you'd like the "Ownership Notice" shipped. Included with the notice will be a brief form to allow the recipient to finalize their ownership.

    Give the Gift of Better Food Choices!

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    Manual Form

    Use this form if you'd like to pay by check or if you have received your ownership as a gift.

    Checks can be mailed to:

    Rogers Park Food Coop
    P.O. Box 268012
    Chicago, IL 60626-8012

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    Credit Card Payments

    If you are an owner who began making installment payments on our old website, don't worry! You can still make your payments as before using the buttons below:

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    Rogers Park Food Co-op T-Shirts Available!

    click to enlarge

    Now 100% Union made in USA!

    Show your support for the Rogers Park Food Co-op with our stylish new T-shirt! Designed by our volunteers, the t-shirts come in an attractive spring-green color with our new logo on the front and "Lettuce Build a Co-op Together" on the back.

    These handsome shirts are available exclusively at Rogers Park Food Co-op Events! They can be purchased on-site with cash or credit card.

    *Please note that we are not able to ship T-shirts at this time. T-shirts must be picked up at one of our events.*

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    Thank you for joining the Rogers Park Food Co-op!groupphoto.png

    It is through the vision of people like you that the Co-op will continue to grow and thrive!

    Don't forget to let your friends know that you support better food choices and the Rogers Park Food Co-op!


    Sign up

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    One of the core principles of the Rogers Park Food Coop is accountability to every person in our community. We value your comments and suggestions. Let us know about your ideas!

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    I’d like to take a moment to welcome everyone to our new website! We hope this will be a helpful tool to provide information and open a conversation between the co-op owners, supporters and our whole community.
  • If anyone can shop at the store, why should I pay to become an owner?


    First of all, the co-op needs co-owners in order to raise enough money to open. If no one invests in the co-op, this model will not work.

    You will be a co-owner of the store with a vote on what types of products are sold and how it operates. Once the store opens, you will be more than just a shopper…you will be a co-owner, with a voice in the values of the store, what is sold in the store, and how the store contributes to our community. Co-owners decide together what type of food to sell and at what price to sell it. Profits from sales are funneled back into the store or used in other ways as determined by the owners.

  • How will the co-op affect other health food businesses, the farmer’s market, and CSA’s?


    It’s our intent to complement existing businesses rather than compete with them. According to the “competition paradox” our co-op will raise awareness and expand the market for healthful, local foods in our community, leading to increased sales for farmer’s markets and other local businesses selling similar products.

    We are aware the co-op may pose a challenge for some businesses, at least in the short term. However, we know of at least one type of local business- local farms- that need a much larger market for their products. If we want to have any hope of increasing sales of local products from our current 5% to 15% or more, we need to provide consumers with easier, more reliable access to those products.

    Current businesses may have a commitment to expanding markets for farmers, but they lack the capacity. Others have the capacity but lack the commitment. By pooling resources and building on shared values, the co-op will provide both the capacity AND the commitment needed to expand business for local farms AND improve access to healthful food for local families.

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